Accessibility Statement

We have strived to make this website available to all regardless of individual disability/ability. However, if you do encounter difficulties or any barriers, please contact us and we will try to improve the website to reflect your needs.

Keyboard Control

This site uses the UK Government Access Key system. Access Keys are keyboard shortcuts that help users who have difficulty using pointing devices such as a mouse.

Some web browsers (not all) offer an alternative way to the mouse in following navigation links by using keyboard access keys. To use an access key, hold down the ALT key and press the appropriate letter or number. Internet Explorer users will need to press RETURN or ENTER to go to the desired page. Mac users should use Ctrl and appropriate key instead of Alt and appropriate key.

Access keys on this website are used only with the primary navbar (the top navigation system) and are numbered 1-6

Note: You can also use the [Tab key] on the left side of your keyboard to activate links on each page. Once a link is active press the [Enter Key] to move to the page.

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