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Here at Stars in the Sky, we are a friendship service and dating agency connecting adults with disabilities. Since 2005 when we launched, we have had a Channel 4 documentary based about us called 'Truly, Madly, Deeply'. Our agency has also won a number of awards with the two Community Care Awards being are most proud. There is a reason why our agency is held in such regard and we believe that is because we are here to make a real difference to the lives of people looking for love with disabilities.

Our aim for Stars in the Sky is to enpower people who have disabilities. Life is sacred and we want people to find love no matter their handicap or learning disability. That is why we give our singles a chance to meet other singles who also have disabilities. The chance to meet other people like themselves who may have been through the same things, can be a real comfort and take away the fear of dating someone who doesn't understand their needs. If you are interested in joining our growing dating scheme you must be over 18 and have a disability

We are very escited to be able to relaunch our project again after numerous issues we are now back on track to get your dating lives in full speed, we love playing our part as cupid and we are sure you will enjoy your time here with us, we would like to take our time to thank our sponsor who made this possible for us to start up again so thankyou Movida Escorts, we are hoping to be just as succesful as we was before the down time and be sure to give us your feedback through the contact us form.

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Signs That You Are In A Relationship With The Wrong Person

The popular phrase, nothing in this world is worth doing unless it means effort, pain and difficulty, couldn't be truer. Theodore Roosevelt was the famous individual who once proclaimed these important words that really do convey across most decisions that you will ever face. However, even though dating can be hard and cause heartbreak, but then again nobody said it would be easy, in some situations you just have to take a step back and accept the fact that all signs point to the conclusion that you are dating the wrong person.

A common occurrence is you could be dating someone and at first, everything seems great. The longer the relationship lasts, the more bad habits you discover about the other person and then years down the line you just wished you had never wasted your time with the person lying next to you. But how can you tell if a relationship is the real deal or a ticking time bomb? Well, here are just some of the signs that could tell you, that you are with the wrong person.

What They Said About Dating The Totally Wrong Person

You Sadly No Longer Look Forward To Seeing Your Partner

One of the telltale signs that you are in a relationship with the wrong person is when you no longer look forward to spending time in their company. Whether it's a brand new relationship and you are still going through that puppy love phrase or a relationship which has lasted a few years, if you are avoiding spending time with your partner, this sign should tell you maybe its time to call it a day. At the very beginning of a relationship, you should be excited to see your other half and struggle to keep your hands off each other. In a long-term relationship, you really should be trying to keep the spark alive that you once had by enjoying dates that bring back amazing memories. When you reach the point you are bored and dreading the next time you meet, you should bite the bullet and call it a day.

Despite Being In A Long Relationship, You Feel Lonely

Unless you are in a long relationship you may not have an idea what this point is but you will, once you move into your home with your partner. After a long time with each other, you can become set in your ways. Get home from work, eat, watch TV, bed and that is your life. This routine can lead to a weird feeling of sitting next to your partner and you feel like they are 100 miles away with the fairies and believe me this may sound good but it really isn't. This can be caused by things being left unsaid, whilst a lack of intimacy and connection is not a good sign for your relationship.

You Cheat On Your Partner

Personally, I think you should never cheat on your partner, it is just against every moral I stand for. If things aren't working just end the relationship because the results of someone cheating can be devastating to the person, for example, they never trust a partner again. But if you do find yourself cheating that should be the biggest signal you are not happy with your partner and are with the wrong person, it really is that simple. This isn't just because you have discovered you are attracted to another person but you have gone looking for intimacy that you must feel you are currently not receiving from your relationship.

Listen To Your Friends And Family

Before you were in a relationship, the people who knew you better than anyone else were your friends and family and that still remains the same despite meeting who you believe is the love of your life. They have seen you at your lowest and highest moments of this roller-coaster we call life and will be able to see if you are currently unhappy. My advice would be to always listen to their advice and don't just dismiss the fact they think you are with the wrong guy because you don't want to listen to it. These people care about you and are only looking out for your best interests even if you don't think it at the time.

You Have Become More Friends Than Lovers

Let's not pretend that sex isn't important in a relationship but we all know it is. Sex is what takes a friendship to the next level. If you are in a relationship and the passion is lost and you no longer want to have sex, your lack of libido/sex drive may be because you are no longer happy that you are with your partner, This is when you should call it a day and think about going your separate ways, otherwise you will waste even more of your time in a relationship that is not working.

A big thank you to Honeys Escorts for providing the article. We have a great relationship with the agency who have been a big help since our launch

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